A Tool for Conservation

Recycle Hero is your go to app for recycling knowledge and rewards.

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Tools and Rewards

Point and Scan

Find the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of an item in seconds.

Recycle Hero’s Point and Scan system provides the tools for conservation through the convenience of your phone.

Quickly dispose of items knowing that you did your part.

point and scan
recycle finder

Recycle Finder

Access Ridwell’s growing network of recycling bins and drop offs.

Tap your phone to get points when recycling on the go.

Making recycling more convenient in more locations.

My Impact and Rewards

Understand your impact and see how you’ve improved your recycling practices and helped our planet.

Earn rewards for what and how much you recycle. Rewards can be redeemed for bill credits or points with our community partners.

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How America Recycles


of all recyclable material actually makes it into the recycling system.


of all waste is recyclable. The vast majority ends up in a landfill.


of American's only recycle when its convenient

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Let's Work Together

Recycle Hero can help improve your recycling practices.

Join the Solution

community partners
Community Partners

We’ve researched and vetted reliable community partners so you don’t have to.

Recycle and donate specialty items so they can be used again.

keep parks clean
Keep Parks Clean

Get together with other conservation minded individuals to help keep our parks clean and safe.

Gathering unwanted items from parks means more waste gets recycled.

convenient options
Convenient Options

Recycle has to be available and convenient to fit into our busy lifestyles.

We’re adding more receptacles to neighborhoods and increasing engagement through education.

Frequent Questions

How often is my recycling collected?

Recycling bins are emptied every two weeks

You can always reqest an additional pick up when your recycling becomes full.

Where can I redeem my rewards?

Ridwell partners with local businessess so your recycling benefits your community.

You can view a list of local partner businessess here.

What do I do with items I can't recycle?

Certain items can be donated to community partners to be used again. These are items like bikes and household appliances. These donations are typically tax deductable.

For other non-recycling items, Recycle Hero can suggest alternative recyclable products to purchase in the future. This way you can make informed decisions about what you're buying.

Can I get points for using recycling drop offs?

Yes! You can get points by tapping your phone on the recycling bin's screen. The items recycled are added to your total impact and rewards.

Learn more about using Ridwell's Recycling Bins here.

When is Recycle Hero coming to my city?

Recycle Hero has plans to expand across most major US cities in the coming months.

Visit this list of upcoming programs to learn more.

Empower Your Recycling

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